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Vertical SBX IP Features

Account Codes
Provides the ability to block callers from making costly outbound with out a security code.

Automated Attendant
Provides the capability of answering incoming calls and routing calls to either a users extension to be answered by a live person or to information about the company,

Back Ground Music
Provides music to be played on a users telephone.

Caller ID
Shows the incoming callers information on most display phones.

Call Forward
Users can forward calls.

Call Park
Users can place calls on hold and retrieve calls with a code for phones that do not have line appearance buttons on them.  Generally used on systems with single line phones.

Class of Service
Sets permissions for SBX System features that users are allowed to use.

Computer Telephoney Integration
Allows a receptionist or a user to see what users are off hook on phone calls and what is happening on phone system for the purpose transferring calls.

Conference Calling
Allows users to have conversations with multiple users or callers calling into the phone system.

Direct Inward Dial
Mostly used on larger systems, allows users to have there own phone number that will ring only one station phone.

Executive Override
Allows other users to barge in or monitor other phone calls.  Mostly used for training purposes.

Fax Detection
When enabled the phone system can detect the fax tone from an incoming fax call and transfer faxes directly to a fax machine from an automated attendant greeting.

Flexible Button Assignment.
Programmable buttons on digital proprietary phones that can be programmed to perform features of the phone system.  Mostly used for line appearance and station appearance so users can see what is happening on incoming lines and other user phones.

Headset Mode
Allows the ability of a headset to be connected to a telephone providing hands free operation of a phone.

Hybrid Ports
Allows either a digital proprietary phone, a fax machine, analog phone, hospitality phone, or a single line phone to be connected to the phone system.

Allows users to call each others extension for interoffice communications.

Last Number Redial  LND
Allows users to dial the last phone number they dialed.

Message Waiting
Provides a way to notify users they have a message.

Music On Hold
Provides callers a message or music while waiting on hold

Name Display
Allows a Name to be displayed in the display of a proprietary display phone.

Night Service
Allows the SBX System to be put in Night Mode for either after hours messaging or meetings when you do not want to be disturbed.

'Paging Internal or External
Users can page either over existing digital proprietary phones or over an external paging system that usually consists of an amplifier and speaker system connected to the SBX System.

Remote Administration
Allows the SBX System to be programmed remotely eliminating the need for a costly service call for programming changes.

Speaker Phone
Allows users to make and receive phone calls with out lifting the receiver and communication over a speaker phone system.

Speed Dial
Allows the ability for users to place call to commonly placed phone numbers with either a touch of a button or by dialing a speed dial code.

Station Relocation
Allows users to move with in the office with out having to change there extension number or re-wiring an extension.

T1/PRi Truncking
Allows a T1 or a PRI line to be connected directly to the SBX phone system.  Commonly used for Direct Inward Dials.

Toll Restrictions
Disable or allow the ability to make calls to area codes or other countries.

Voice Mail
Provides messaging services for users with features like Message Notification, Auto Attendant, Display By Name and more.


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